3 Tips For Sustainable Pet-Friendly Apartment Living

dog on a couch | sustainable pet-friendly living
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Living a sustainable and pet-friendly lifestyle is easier than you think! There are a number of minor tweaks you can make to put your best green foot forward when taking care of your furry companions. Here are a few to consider:

Ditch Plastic Toys

pulling on a dog toy | sustainable pet-friendly living

Not only is plastic bad for the environment, but it’s also not durable and can easily be chewed and end up in the trash. Instead, opt for eco-friendly toys such as a rope toy that your pup will love during games of tug of war. Or, try this recycled toy that is made from naturally recycled rubber. Additionally, be mindful of how many toys you own. If your pup is content with the collection they have, hold off on buying more until it’s necessary.

Pick Up Waste

walking a dog | sustainable pet-friendly living

It’s important to always be mindful and pick up your dog’s waste on walks. When left, bacteria leaches into the ground and water sources which can contaminate the water and harm marine life. Plastic bags can seem counterintuitive when it comes to eco-friendly waste management. However, there are biodegradable and compostable bags that serve as eco-friendly alternatives.

Buy Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

a cat sleeping | sustainable pet-friendly living

A lot of cat litter is made from clay, which is often sourced from strip mining—a practice that removes the top layer of trees, topsoil, and more. Instead, choose an eco-friendly option like this product made from recycled paper. Not only is it good for the environment, but the company started a recycling program where non-profit organizations get paid for collecting paper products.

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