Three Tips For Stylish, Pet-Friendly Living

hugging a dog in an apartment | pet-friendly home decor tips
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It’s a common misconception that pet owners have to sacrifice a sense of style (and clean fabrics) for their furry companions. While it is true that four-legged friends can leave behind a mess, there are many smart ways to minimize pet clutter and stains.

Invest in a Stylish Dog Bed

puppy sleeping on a bed | pet-friendly home decor tips

Dog beds can be both comfortable for your dog and appealing to the eyes. To elevate the look of your space, invest in a cute dog bed. This multi-colored number from dusendusen features a contemporary pop of color that both you and your pup will love. For a minimalist aesthetic, go for this faux fur orthopedic bed that is both comfortable and stylish.

Create a Doggy Dining Area

a cocker spaniel eating food | pet-friendly home decor tips

Just like their human friends, dogs should have stylish designated dining areas. Think beyond the standard two bowls on the floor and elevate this area with stylish bowls and a mat. These midcentury modern picks from Etsy would look great in a contemporary kitchen. You can also turn a bottom drawer into your pet’s dining area, preventing kibble from scattering through your kitchen. Simply pull out the drawer during mealtimes and shut it when your dog is finished.

Buy Performance Fabrics

a dog on a couch | pet-friendly home decor tips

Messes are unavoidable when it comes to pets. However, the types of fabric you choose can make a huge difference. Microfiber and microsuede are both easy to clean and repel liquids. If you’re a cat owner, look for scratch-resistant leather and velvet upholstery. If you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite fabric, opt for patterned pieces that will easily disguise stains.

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