3 Unique Ways To Level-Up Your WFH Environment

working from home
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For those who are now seasoned work-from-home professionals, we trust you have your desk organized, your coffee ritual perfected, and an at-home playlist curated.

Now that your bases are covered for creating a comfortable and inspiring space, it might be time to think above and beyond for your home office. There are a number of ways to elevate the area that you work in that you may have never considered. Therefore, we have rounded up a few adjustments that will spark creativity and boost productivity.

Elevate Your Desk

a standing desk at home

Standing desks have grown in popularity over the past few years in office settings. Now that your office is in your apartment, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t still be utilized. There are a number of benefits to owning a standing desk, one of the main ones being an increase in energy and better posture.

Add Surround Sound

If you enjoy music in an office setting and find focus while listening to classical or instrumental tunes, it may be time to upgrade to a surround sound system. Alternatively, many professionals listen to nature sounds to relax and ease anxiety while working. Whichever your preference, invest in a few extra speakers to place around the room to make the most of your tunes. If one of the speakers happens to be a smart speaker, you can set reminders for meetings and tasks and have a virtual assistant ensure you never miss a deadline.

Move Around

Sitting in the same spot for eight hours a day can feel monotonous. One of the easiest ways to refresh your mind is to move to a different location. However, relocating inside an apartment can risk walking into distractions. Therefore, identify a second spot for working and set yourself up for success. Add a love seat to the corner of a bedroom and utilize it as a reading nook and working area. Or, find a spot at your kitchen counter and work while standing for an energy boost.

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