3 Ways to Get Motivated to Live Healthy

friends in the gym
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When it comes to healthy living, we often prioritize diet and fitness. It’s easy to forget that amidst the weekly gym visits, vegetable chopping, and water guzzling, there’s another crucial factor to consider – motivation.

One of the toughest challenges of pursuing your goals is staying inspired. Without motivation, self-doubt, distractions, and temptations can easily creep in, triggering a spiraling effect of bad habits. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to boost morale that are both fulfilling and fun.

Get Fit with Friends

friends working out

An effective way to make it to that Pilates class is to enlist a partner to sweat it out with. It’s easy to make excuses when the only person to disappoint is yourself. When a friend is thrown into the mix, it’s harder to ditch commitments. Find a buddy who has similar workout preferences and place them into your routine. If you’re an avid runner, hit the trail with someone who also loves their cardio or join a running group. Find a fellow yogi to join you on the rooftop of your apartment building for a sunset flow. Not only are friends inspiring, but they make the daunting task of working out way more enjoyable.

Write Down How You Feel


Proper nutrition and energizing activity can help us feel like our best selves, which is the ultimate motivation. Therefore, it’s important to track your emotions and energy levels as you try out new routines. If you end a day feeling confident, strong, and positive, look back on the last 24-hours to determine relevant factors. You may uncover a mood-boosting diet, workout, or a simple activity that’s responsible. It’s important to remember that various factors are at play here (work, weather, general mood, sleep patterns, etc.), so finding consistencies in your routine is key. Once you uncover what works for you, you’ll be motivated to pursue your health goals in ways that are best for you.

Add Variation to Your Routine


The main catalyst to falling out of a routine is boredom. Repetition can make people feel stagnant and eager to swap in unhealthy substitutes to awaken the senses. With a little discipline, it’s easy to stay on track by switching things up without sacrificing commitments. If you go to the same gym consistently, opt for something new with Classpass. Classpass offers a platform where users pay a monthly fee and have access to a variety of boutique studios in the area. You can try yoga, Pilates, spin, and a myriad of other classes under the same membership. If your taste buds need a diversion from your current meal plan, satisfy a craving with a healthier version. Dreaming of pizza? Head to your local Trader Joe’s for this cauliflower crust pie. Or, satisfy your sweet tooth with this banana nice cream from Foodess.

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