Live Healthy: Fall Edition

family in the fall
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fall has arrived and with it comes pumpkin pie, Halloween candy, and sedentary nights cozied up on the couch. With all these autumnal temptations, it’s important to find balance with healthy spins on your favorite indulgences.

No need to abandon the pumpkin spice this season, here are a few ways to stay fit and festive.

Enjoy Healthy Fall Flavors

apple filling

Autumnal flavor is all about spice and seasonal produce. Options like cinnamon cider, apple pie, candied pecans, and poached pears are typically on the menu. The perk of all these delicacies is that they can easily be modified into a healthy alternative. Instead of grabbing a slice, opt for crust-less apple pie courtesy of Zero Calorie Life, which tempts with a gooey center sans the extra carbs and calories of the crust. If you’re looking to sip on something spiced and delicious, reach for a seasonal tea instead of sugar-filled libation. An apple cinnamon herbal mix with a spoonful of honey will satisfy your craving.

Plan a Midday Autumn Activity

hiking in the fall

If your evening plans involve a night on the couch with a bottle of wine and a horror flick, plan to get a bit of exercise earlier in the day, autumn style! Grab your hiking boots, your best friends, and hit up a nearby trail. There’s nothing like enjoying the fall foliage from a scenic vantage point. For the football lovers out there, organize a group and play flag football at your local park. Or, simply lace up your sneakers and go for a run; the crisp fall air will be a relief after a sultry summer.

Enjoy the Company of Others

Our favorite fall activity is gathering together with those we love. Whether it’s family or friends, something about the crisp air and comforts of the seasons makes our quality time that much more special. The benefits of human connection on social health are obvious, but what about physical and emotional health? Did you know that positive social interactions can increase the production of a chemical called oxytocin, which is known for decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure, and even boosting immunity? Emotionally, nothing is more uplifting than authentic interactions. Above all else, practicing empathy and gratitude with the ones you love should be the priority of the season, and if that involves pumpkin pie with your favorite people, that’s okay too.

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