4 Unique Ways to Get Excited for Fall

fall decor
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Fall is on the horizon which means so is pumpkin spice, cozy knits, and all the warm and fuzzy feels. To usher in the season, it’s common to stock up on blankets, mugs, and foliage-inspired decor, but this season we’re thinking outside the box with these unique home tips.

Smell the Season via Essential Oils

essential oils

Candles and air fresheners are common in the autumn repertoire, but what about essential oils? Over the past few years, oils and diffusers have become household staples offering spring scents of lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus. This fall, reach for the scents of the season in liquid form. Options like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are available through brands like Plant Therapy. You can even mix together different aromas for classic fall blends. For example, drops of orange, cinnamon, and ginger will marry together into a spiced cider fragrance. Or, cassia, clove, and ginger will offer a spiced chai elixir.

Add Seasons Greetings to a Chalkboard


Chalkboards in the home are great for to-do items, grocery lists, and seasonal wishes. This autumn, get artsy and draw out your favorite fall slogan or any phrase that gets you in the mood to relax. A simple, “Let’s Get Cozy” or “Fall is in the Air” adds a lovely reminder to relish in the season. Feel free to jazz up the border with accents of foliage and a rustic frame.

Create a Fall-Inspired Bar Cart

a fall cocktail

Enjoy the flavors of autumn with a seasonal cocktail made from your very own bar cart. Along with your usual selection of spirits, add a glass of cinnamon sticks, allspice bitters, pumpkin spice seasoning, and a few gourds and trinkets to set the mood. Looking for a go-to cocktail? Click here to discover some artisanal choices from Town&Country.

Curate a Comfort Nook

cozy corner in apartment

‘Tis the season to grab a cozy blanket and retreat to a plush and warm corner of your home. While it’s a natural part of our day-to-day to reserve time for comfort, it’s not common to designate an area of the home for sole relaxation. Therefore, find a nook and fill it with comfortable seating, your favorite books, a cozy blanket, and anything else that makes you feel content and at peace.

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