Live Healthy With These 3 Nighttime Habits

yoga at night
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When the sun sets and we kick our feet up, the last thing on our minds is fitness, nutrition, and overall health. While we fully support an end of day wind down, there are small, simple steps you can take to Live Healthy after hours.

Set Yourself up for Success

packing a lunch

We can all agree mornings are rough. While preparing for the day ahead, we often forget to integrate healthy eating, fitness, and mental health into our routine, which often leads to vending machine snacks, missed gym visits, and a whole lot of stress. To avoid these setbacks, set yourself up for success the night before! First, make sure your lunch, snacks, and water bottle are prepped and ready to be grabbed on-the-go. Next, schedule your workout the night before as if it were an important meeting. If you’re interested in a 5:30 pm class, set your alarm and plan to get into the office early so you have plenty of time to get there. For extra accountability, sign up for Classpass! With a small subscription fee, you’ll have access to the area’s best boutique fitness studios. If you don’t show up to a class you signed up for, you’ll be subject to a small fee, providing extra motivation to get moving.

Add a Healthy Spin to Your Nighttime Treats

eating chocolate

When your day was a blur of meetings, action items, and errands, nothing beats a relaxing nighttime wind down. Typically, end of day treats like dessert, television, and a glass of wine are conducive to a blissful evening. At Lincoln, we fully endorse a treat yourself moment, but also believe the key to success is balance. Therefore, integrating healthy habits into your routine is crucial. For example, if your late night vice is Netflix, spread out a yoga mat and do some light stretching as you binge your favorite series. If you typically reach for Ben & Jerry’s, occasionally swap in dark chocolate with berries, nuts, or even peanut butter for a heart-healthy treat.


reading on the couch

From sunrise to sunset, we depend on our smartphones to guide us through our day. When our laptops are shut, our errands are done, and an evening of relaxation awaits, it’s important to put the phone away to fully decompress. Screen time has been proven to lead to increased anxiety, and according to Business Insider, studies have shown blue and white light prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep. To decrease exposure, treat yourself to a book or a craft project. To fully commit, buy an old-school alarm clock so you can place your phone in a drawer and return to it in the morning.

Now that your nighttime routine is in order, how about some early morning tips and tricks to kick off your day? Click here to find Lincoln’s rundown of three AM habits we swear by.

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