Live Healthy With These 3 Morning Habits

a healthy morning with Lincoln
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Mornings aren’t for everyone. Some wake up refreshed and eager to seize the day, while others seize the snooze button. Whether you’re an AM or a PM person, there are various steps you can take in the morning to set yourself up for success for the rest of the day.

Here’s how you can conquer your health regimen bright and early:

Don’t Forget the Essentials

packed lunch in Dallas

At Lincoln, we’re big fans of meal prepping as it allows residents to Live Smart and Live Healthy. While most of the prep occurs on Sundays before the week starts, it’s important to consider the details of your diet every morning. We’re all guilty of waking up, placing our pre-made lunch on the counter, and then running out the door before we can place it in our bag. To prevent this from happening, make the transition from the fridge to a purse or briefcase part of your morning routine. Perhaps while brushing your teeth you can make it common practice to drop your pyrex into your purse. Or, add a note to your alarm reminding you to make the switch.

Lunch is important, but what about snacks and drinks? Another common mistake is to not consider post-lunch hunger pains or drinking enough water during the day. Packing nuts, fruits, carrot sticks, hummus, etc. will deter you from running to the vending machine at 3pm. As for hydration, offices often stock their kitchens with small cups that hold only a fraction of the amount of H20 we should be consuming. Buying your own large water bottle will allow you to sip the day away without having to get up from your seat to refill.

Work Out… Or Don’t

a morning workout

Hitting the gym at 6am is great for some people, but not all. Every individual has an internal clock that rotates through periods of productivity at different times. If you find yourself groggy and uninspired in the morning, then hitting your community fitness center first thing will invigorate you for the day ahead. For those who wake up inspired and eager to conquer the world, it’s best to dive into a creative or strenuous project in the morning, and then sweat it out at lunch or after work when your energy is waning. As an aid to your physical wellbeing and productivity levels, this habit will leave you feeling healthy and accomplished.

Look Forward to a Healthy Morning Activity

sunrise yoga

For most people, waking up in the morning can prove difficult when we’re not looking forward to the responsibilities of the day. On holiday mornings or the day a vacation commences, it’s easy to spring into action as pleasantries await. To replicate this feeling, inspire the future you by planning a healthy morning activity you’ll look forward to. If you’re a yogi, booking a morning class offers a peaceful and relaxing start to the day. For those who prefer something less physical, morning tea with raw honey offers a comforting treat that will kickstart your metabolism. For others, something as simple as meditation, essential oils, or applying your favorite moisturizer could lure you away from your bed. Depending on your interests and needs, there are plenty of things to get excited about after you roll out of bed.

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