3 Ways To Get Out of a Decorating Rut

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Similar to how authors get writer’s block, decorators can also get stuck in a rut when sourcing inspiration and drive to elevate a space. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with options or need the motivation to get started, these tips will get you moving towards creating an ambience you’ll love.

Find Your Happiness

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Your home is your happy place and your decor should reflect that. Instead of reaching for the latest interior design trends, look inside of yourself, and decipher what aesthetics bring you joy. This can relate to the feel of a space and also specific objects. For example, if clean lines and subdued accents relax your mind, opt for minimalist decor. If you prefer to be awakened by bold colors and striking patterns, you may be more of a bohemian decorator. When it comes to selecting objects, make them personal and meaningful. This can be accomplished with decor that celebrates your hometown, artwork done by a friend or family member, or DIY furniture. When your space reflects who you are, comfort is inevitable.

Make a Moodboard

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Once you have decided on your personal aesthetic, take these ideas to Pinterest, and create a mood board for your apartment. Pull together your favorite colors, influences, patterns, and designs and see how they can work together cohesively online before you begin investing in decor.

When in Doubt — Use Plants!

potting a plant

If you’re not sure what to put in that empty corner, don’t stock up on meaningless knick-knacks. Instead, a plant can be a great placeholder. In order to instill meaning and sentiment into your space, it’s important to avoid buying random objects. This will lead to impulse purchases that are not personal to you. Therefore, fill empty space with a beautiful plant, and then when you stumble upon the perfect piece, you’ll know where to put it.

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