3 Ways To Host a Less-Stressful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal
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When envisioning imagery of Thanksgiving, we see family members relaxed on the couch, delicious food that is expertly prepared by those happy to serve, and a squeaky clean kitchen and dining room where friends and family gather.

In reality, it can get a little messy.

With so much to prepare and so many people to entertain, Turkey Day can be a stressful one. If you’re hosting this year, remember you deserve time to relax and be thankful. Therefore, adopt some of these strategies to make the day easy, so you can have your turkey and eat it too!

Prep in Advance

diced carrots and sweet potatoes

There are many ways you can prep in advance on Thanksgiving. Countless side dishes can be made beforehand, and some get even better after a night spent in the fridge. This handy guide from Brit + Co provides a comprehensive plan for preparing before the big day. Along with food, you can also prepare the atmosphere the night before. Throw on your favorite podcast, some comfy clothes, and spend your Thanksgiving Eve decorating in peace.

Delegate Tasks

friends cooking together

It’s a common misconception that when hosting you have to do it all. Having your guests help not only eases your workload, but it also provides a bonding experience. When a meal is made together, there is a sense of shared satisfaction that feeds your belly and soul. Before the big day, reach out to guests and see if they have a special dish they would like to make. If your cousin has a signature mac and cheese or your sister knows a killer sweet potato recipe, relinquish control to them. If you’re afraid of handling the bird, don’t be afraid to reach out to the turkey masters of the family for assistance.

Take Breaks

friends on a couch

Amongst the chaos of cleaning and cooking, sometimes a host can only squeeze in casual small talk with friends and family. It’s important on this holiday to prioritize quality time, which is why it’s essential to step out of the crazy cooking atmosphere and into a real conversation. Every 30 minutes or so, see if someone can take over in the kitchen, and head to your living room to enjoy a glass of wine and meaningful, focused conversation.

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