Announcing #LPCBestDressedPet’s Honorary Mentions

Halloween doggo
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While we love our candy corn and caramel apples—our favorite Halloween treat this year are all of the adorable costumed pets we’ve seen during our #LPCBestDressedPet contest. While perusing through the spooky, funny, and the cutest of the cute, it’s been quite the challenge to select just one winner each week. Therefore, here are a few honorable mentions, in select categories, that know how to rock a costume.

“We Can’t Even” Winner

The Cutest of the Cute

A pup dressed up as Pennywise the clown

While all of the submissions were absolutely adorable—this pint-sized Pennywise took home the gold when it came to the cutest outfit.

The Best of “Mommy and Me”

Residents and Their Furry Friends!

a Frenchie dressed as a Frenchman!

Amongst all the photos of residents matching with their furry friends, this snap of Lord Edward Pupperton, a Frenchie francophile, tugged at our heart strings the most.

“I Hate Hats” Winner

“Please Don’t Make Me Wear This”

a cat dressed as a ladybug

Inevitably, there are always a few pets who are not wildly enthused about squeezing into a costume. To them, we say thank you for bearing with us. This lady in red, Queen Henrietta Basaran, is a vision in this ladybug getup, despite a demeanor that says, “I expect extra kibble for this.”

“BAWSE” Winner

The Best Superhero Costume

a pup dressed as a superhero

Coming to our rescue this Halloween season is Bentley the Wonder Pup, our pick for the best superhero costume.

No Tricks, Just Treats

The Best Food-Related Costume

a dog dressed up as sushi

We saw a number of food-themed doggos this year, one of our favorites being Nugget, the cutest piece of sashimi we have ever seen.

Once again, we would like to thank all of our human and animal friends for participating in the #LPCBestDressedPet contest! We hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!