Throw a Festive Fall Housewarming Party

Halloween party
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Fall kicks off the festive season—and no better way to welcome it with open arms than by ushering guests into your home to enjoy the pleasantries of the season.

With pumpkin spiced delights and entertaining frights, there are many directions to take at your autumnal get-together. Read on for a few ways to ring in the season in style.


friends doing a beer cheers

Save on airfare to Munich and instead host an Oktoberfest in your apartment. The first thing you need on hand is, of course, beer. You can purchase a German-style lager from your local liquor store, or you can pick up a growler from a nearby brewery. You can also ask guests to bring a six-pack of their favorite selections to have a fun tasting! Secondly, a menu of German plates is a must. Click here to find a number of satisfying Bavarian recipes from Bon Appetit. Prost!

A Halloween Dinner Party

Halloween cookies

Halloween treats are typically reserved for kids, but there are plenty of ways to put a grown-up twist on this festive holiday. A satisfying spin is a Halloween-themed dinner party. Think Black Magic Margaritas paired with Burrito Skulls and finished off with Spiderweb Cake. To set the mood, adopt some of these elegant Halloween decor tips. Black candles, ghostly art, and artistic Jack-O-Lanterns will impress your guests and elevate the spooky feel.

Fall Harvest Potluck

at a fall dinner

Fall harvests have been hosted for centuries—where families, friends, and communities come together to enjoy the bounty of food harvested from summer crops. To this day, communities replicate this feeling of warmth, graciousness, and togetherness by hosting elaborate meals. A fall harvest can also be enjoyed in your Lincoln apartment! Ask friends to bring a dish that is special to them and come together for a delicious potluck that welcomes the season.

Speaking of the festive season—have you heard about Lincoln’s Best Dressed Pet contest? We’re inviting you to dress up your four-legged friend in their All Hallows Eve best for a chance to win a special prize.

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