Commemorate Summer With The Perfect Patio Dinner

at a dinner party
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The dog days of summer are upon us—which means it’s time to soak up the last of those warm evenings. Pour yourself a glass of rosé, whip up a Caprese salad, and take in a dewy dusk from your Lincoln balcony.

Here are a few tips for the perfect late summer dinner party:


a woman hanging lights

Complement buzzing fireflies and the warm colors of the sunset with twinkling lights. String lighting offers a warming glow to any setting, mirroring the look of stars and providing just enough light to marvel at the meal in front of you. The key to lighting a patio is having soft lights spread throughout instead of positioning one harsh bulb in the middle of the area. Think torches, candles, and glowing pendants alongside plants, flowers, and smiling faces.


cocktail cheers with friends

On warm summer evenings, drinks should be crisp and refreshing. While a cold bottle of rosé never disappoints, there are many other tasty libations to consider. Impress your guests with this bright and tangy concoction from Imbibe that melds together ginger, pineapple, and lime. For something simpler, opt for a classic margarita. It’s always wise to provide non-alcohol options and this mocktail from Simply Stacie will not disappoint.


a summer table setting

Patio cuisine should satisfy but not weigh down your guests. People want to move and stroll and mingle on summer evenings, so food should complement that mentality. Think Meditteranean style plates—grilled eggplant, soft cheeses, and light pasta salads. Or, go south of the border and make tasty tacos with seasonal produce.

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