3 Ways to Motivate Employees in 2020

a team lead motivating an employee
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A company may have many assets, including talent, tools, and innovation, but there is one driving force for success that often goes unnoticed — motivation.

With the proper enthusiasm, employees can reach their full potential, and celebrate their success with the company they work for. It’s important to dial in on motivation techniques to create a mutually beneficial relationship between your employees and your company.

Here are three factors that increase employee motivation:


an employee receiving recognition at work

During the daily grind, we often highlight mistakes in order to better our performance and workflows. While constructive criticism is important, so is recognition. When good work is highlighted, it not only sets a positive example but it also makes employees feel appreciated and valued. Therefore, the next time a staff member receives a positive review from a resident, share it with the whole team! Or, if your peer closes an impressive deal, give them a shoutout in an email chain. Celebrating achievements is a natural reaction, therefore, why not make it a priority?


getting a promotion at work

Growth is an essential part of life, especially at work. If an employee feels they are on an upward trajectory, they will feel inspired to keep climbing. In order to promote growth, look within your company to fill open positions. Once the position is filled, don’t forget to share the good news with the rest of the team, so they can offer recognition and find comfort in an internal hiring system.


employees laughing and drinking coffee at work

Work-life balance is said to be a key to happiness. Therefore, when companies assist in providing elements of this into their culture, employees feel taken care of. Company events, onsite perks, and a fun working environment are all motivating factors for today’s workforce.

Infographic for employee motivation

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