3 Ways To Prepare Your Bedroom for Summer

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The official first days of summer are just around the corner. To celebrate the season, consider adding a few decorative elements to your bedroom that embrace warm weather living. From cooling comforters to pops of color, here are few ways to celebrate the season with your decor.

Cooling Pillowcases

smoothing out a comforter | summer decor for the bedroom

Sleeping in the heat has its disadvantages. Luckily, along with the refreshing air conditioning inside Lincoln apartments, residents can also treat themselves to cooling comforters and pillowcases. This rundown from Healthline provides a list of the best pillowcases that are both breathable and aesthetically appealing. When it comes to comforters, nothing beats this cloud comforter from Buffy. Made from eucalyptus, it’s not only plush and comfortable but also eco-friendly.

Add Fresh Scents

essential oil with petals | summer decor for the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to ring in a season is to incorporate its freshest scents. Therefore, swap out winter smells like peppermint and frankincense and embrace bright citrus and floral scents. Whether you’re using candles, essential oils, or air fresheners, these fragrances will perk up your mood.

Incorporate Pops of Color

colorful pillows on a bed | summer decor for the bedroom

Incorporate the bright hues of summer into your abode with vibrant decorative accents. In the bedroom, consider adding new pillows or blankets. We’re loving these abstract pillow covers from Etsy as well as this woven palm leaf blanket.

Welcome The Light

sheer curtains | summer decor for the bedroom

Embrace the summer sun by adding new window treatments! Consider sheer curtains that will filter soft light into your room. For a little extra flair, stick this Rainbow Suncatcher from Etsy onto your window and enjoy your own personal rainbow in your bedroom.

Now that your bedroom is ready for summer, it’s time to upgrade your living room! Check out our recent post to find cost-effective ways to enhance this area of your apartment.

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