3 Ways To Set Yourself (And Your Apartment) Up For Success in 2022

morning routine
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Now that 2022 is upon us, resolutions are top of mind. Whether your goals are to be more productive, healthy, or just enjoy life more, it’s important to set your surroundings up for success. Here are a few ways to adapt your apartment to your ambitions to get you on the right track.

Design Your Space Around Your Routine

grabbing keys on a hook

Whether you work from home or are scrambling to get in the car every morning, it’s important to place the items you need in convenient spots so you can be on your way. Therefore, track your particular routine and set up your apartment to cater to your needs in those moments. For example, if you’re a lover of fresh-brewed coffee, create a station with beans in a jar, a grinder, spices, and anything else you need within arm’s reach. For those who love to work out or practice yoga in the morning, create a corner so you can easily grab your mat and get flowing. Other conveniences like key hooks near your door or a robe hanging steps from your bed will make the smallest tasks more manageable.

Organize Your Kitchen

organized fridge

There is nothing quite as satisfying as an organized kitchen. Therefore, kick 2022 off on the right foot and rethink how to store your items. The first important step is to put the essentials front and center. For those who love to cook, organize a spice cabinet that is within arm’s reach and consider hanging pots and pans. If you’re more of a takeout person, store items away for a more minimalist feel in the kitchen. To make your life extra organized, consider rearranging your items in the fridge with this handy guide.

Design Around Something You Love

hanging family photos

Your home should evoke feelings of joy. One way to capture this is to design it in a way that celebrates the things you love. Whether it’s a passion, memory, family, or community, nodding to these things will sprinkle extra joy into your day. Therefore, choose something you love and celebrate it in the home. Whether you’re creating a gallery wall of photographs, putting a new guitar on display, or creating a work of art, you can look forward to extra smiles in the home.

For even more ways to make your apartment a haven, check out our recent post on tips for making it feel more peaceful. Or, if you’re looking for a new home this winter, reach out to the Lincoln team today. We would be happy to arrange a tour of a community near you.