3 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Apartment

flowers in an apartment
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Spring has officially sprung! As the flowers bloom, it feels right to adjust our lifestyles to usher in the season. We refresh closets, stock fridges with bountiful produce, and update calendars with spring flings, barbecues, and days in the park.

Our wardrobes, calendars, and diets all get a refresh, but what about our apartments? Granted, a seasonal renovation may be over the top, but there are many small changes you can make to celebrate the season.

Incorporate Beautiful Blooms

While florals aren’t exactly a groundbreaking addition this time of year, they are often underutilized. As symbols of love and devotion, many people wait to receive bouquets instead of purchasing them for themselves. This season, head to your local florist and treat yourself to an arrangement that speaks to you. If it’s not in your budget, head to Trader Joe’s for affordable options. Once purchased, don’t forget to take a moment each day to smell your gift to yourself. You deserve it!

Upgrade Your Balcony

If you have an outdoor space like many Lincoln apartments do, take advantage and add at least one new design element to it this spring. Twinkling lights, cushions, and new plants will entice you to take advantage of this special space. If one of your goals is to entertain guests, look into adding an outdoor bar cart. For those with a green thumb and a knack for cooking, fresh herbs offer balcony-to-table ingredients as well as vibrant greenery.

Use Produce as Decor

Think beyond the standard fruit bowl and welcome produce as decor in a unique way this spring. First, determine the fruits and vegetables you love and think of how you can incorporate them into your aesthetic. If you love to cook, spring for a garlic and onion basket to hang. This rustic element will have you feeling like you’re the proud owner of a Sicilian kitchen. If you enjoy the health benefits of lemon water, keep all of your citruses together in a decorative bowl for a pop of color.

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