4 Forgotten Areas of the Apartment To Clean

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re all accustomed to a weekly cleaning routine. We sweep, wipe down counters, fold the laundry, and occasionally run a mop over our floors. With so much focus on primary cleaning tasks, the more obscure areas of our homes gather dust.

At Lincoln Property Company, we’ve recently kicked off our latest campaign, #LPCSpringClean, where we’re dialing in on ways to declutter, organize, and simplify our homes and our lives.

This week, we’re focusing on the hard-to-reach, out-of-sight, and ignored areas of our apartments.


In the middle of a deep clean, don’t forget to include curtains in your to-do list. Over time, it’s common for them to collect dust, pollen, and sometimes mold. Most curtains are machine-washable, but if they’re not, use a damp cloth or a vacuum to rid them of dust and debris. You’ll be glad you did the next time you pull them back to let the sunshine in.

Kitchen Supplies

Have you ever cleaned your kitchen, but left your coffeemaker, salt and pepper shakers, and other miscellaneous supplies in the dust? It’s common for us to clean our homes and not our things. Therefore, make it a mission to wipe down items that live on your counters, in your cupboards, and on the shelves. Remember that fondue pot you bought in 2004? Take it out, wipe it down, and maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to host a fondue party!


The thought of using cleaning supplies on our precious tech may make some people uneasy, but it’s always a good idea to wipe and dust our iPads, computers, speakers, and even phones. Since they are a daily part of our lives, it’s nice to enjoy clean surfaces, rather than inhale dust all day. Find helpful computer-cleaning tips in this handy guide from Apartment Therapy.

Door Knobs, Handles, Light Switches

Let’s refer to these areas as points of contact. They’re parts of the home that we often touch and interact with but rarely acknowledge. In your weekly cleaning routine, make it a habit to quickly wipe down these areas. It will only add a few minutes to your chores and will decrease your interaction with pesky germs.

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