4 Tips For Organizing Your Entryway

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The entryway is a very important, yet often less prioritized space in an apartment. We may only spend mere seconds in it as we come and go, but, what we do in this space impacts the cleanliness of the rest of the home.

From lost keys to scattered boots, there are a variety of mishaps that can happen if you don’t properly organize this area. Therefore, we’ve gathered a few tips for turning your entryway into its best self.

Give Your Keys a Home

key hanger in entryway

We have all lost our keys at some point in our lives, which could have been avoided if they were placed in a designated area. A key rack is a simple addition to your entryway and will serve you well when you’re in a rush and need to snag your keys quickly. We love these vintage, DIY, and thrifted racks from Etsy.

Organize Your Mail

holding mail

Get rid of paper clutter and create an area in your entryway where you can easily organize mail. This mail sorter from Letterfolk will bring instant warmth to your home and will inspire you to sift through envelopes the second you walk in the door.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are known for adding both convenience and style. A wall mirror in the entryway is super convenient when you’re heading out the door and need one last look to see if your makeup is on point.

Tidy Up


Make it a habit every week to spend a few minutes organizing your entryway. If shoes start to build up, place pairs you wear less often back in your closet. Throw away any junk mail, sweep up dirt, and make sure necessary items like your umbrella, coat, and purse are accounted for.

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