It May Be Time To Give Your Pantry a Makeover

grabbing mint from a pantry
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are two types of pantries.

There’s the Pinterest-worthy type, where mason jars filled with dry goods line up perfectly next to a color-coded spice rack. Then there’s the other kind of pantry—the one where dry pasta gathers on the floor and soup cans from 2014 collect dust.

If your food pantry resembles the latter, we’re here to help transform it into space you will look forward to visiting. Here’s how in three simple steps.

1. Personalize

jars filled with dry goods

The items in your pantry should be personalized to fit your preferences. For example, cereal should be front and center if you eat it daily. You can also make it more aesthetically pleasing by pouring it into large glass jars with labels and including a scoop. Not only will it appear organized, but you will look forward to satisfying scoops of Cheerios every morning. If you prefer breakfasts made from scratch, it’s important to organize your spices so you can assess your options and grab them quickly. We recommend creating a separate shelf for spices and placing the most-used ones in the front.

2. Compartmentalize

a basket filled with food from the pantry

Small baskets will be your best friend when organizing the sections of your pantry. These picks from The Container Store are big enough to hold ample ingredients yet small enough to fit inside your closet. Now, you can organize your belongings by category, such as pasta and grains, nuts and seeds, broth and sauces, and miscellaneous.

3. Prioritize

grabbing food from the pantry with family

One of the main perks of having an organized pantry is that you can easily find items and take inventory of what you have. To make these tasks even easier, make it a habit to place food that needs to be eaten in the front. For example, if you recently purchased a unique spice that you don’t want to waste, place it front and center so you feel inspired to incorporate it into a recipe. If you’re cutting back on carbs, place your pasta basket in the back to be used for special occasions.

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