Adopt These Home Decor Trends in 2020

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A new year brings a fresh perspective on home decor. A new decade sometimes calls for an overhaul. Whether you would like to switch up some details or do a complete apartment makeover, here are some buzzworthy trends to consider in 2020.

Updated Upholstery


The past decade has seen a splurge of velvet furniture. In 2020, unique textures are predicted to make their way into the trendiest of homes. Boucle has been on the rise as of recent and introduces a cozy feel to our favorite pieces. While appearing more approachable than velvet, it still maintains an elegant feel.

Relaxed Furniture

curvy couch

While on the subject of furniture, another design aesthetic set to hit the scene is shapely pieces with a relaxed feel. A mid-century appeal was prevalent in recent years, where clean lines and postmodern shapes streamlined apartments. As we move into 2020, renters are beginning to appreciate furniture they can really sink into.

Double-Duty Pieces

trendy kitchen with appliances

Homes are continuing to shrink in size as the cultural collective now prioritizes quality, eco-friendly living over large spaces. Therefore, pieces that are aesthetically appealing and functional are more popular than ever. For example, opt for a bathroom mirror with a stylish shelf to save room in your bathroom cabinets. Invest in appealing kitchen appliances to use as decor and avoid cluttering your countertops with knick-knacks.

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