Apartment Design Tips For Better Sleep

looking at a phone in bed
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If you feel like you’re not getting your eight hours a night, it may be time to switch things up! There are a number of habits that result in better sleep and a trick to conquering them is setting yourself up for success in your apartment. Therefore, we’ve gathered a few tips that will have you enjoying meaningful shut-eye.

1. Remove Technology from the Bedroom

We’re starting with the most challenging task, which is to remove technology from the bedroom. It can be tempting to have a television mounted in front of the bed, a laptop on the comforter, and your phone lighting up on the nightstand. However, these devices emit blue light that makes it harder to get into a restful state.

First, create a working area in a different part of the home. Whether it’s the living room or a guest bedroom, this space will be designated for productivity and will put you in the right mindset for getting things done. Next, invest in an alarm cock to avoid using your phone and feeling the temptation of reaching for it late at night.

2. Get Blackout Curtains

blackout curtains | design tips for falling asleep

Another component of getting a good night of sleep is to make sure your room is as dark as possible. Therefore, while we love sheer curtains, the bedroom is a great place for thick curtains that block out light. We are loving this list of stylish blackout curtains from Martha Stewart. If you are very sensitive to light, consider getting a sleep mask.

3. Reward Yourself Before Bed

journaling in bed

Oftentimes, anxiety over not being able to fall asleep is what keeps us awake. It can be frustrating, to want to get a restful night of sleep but to not be able to fully relax. To manage this, it’s important to be kind to yourself and be patient with the process. Incorporate small pleasures into your room, so you can enjoy yourself as you try to fall asleep. Whether it’s a great book, essential oils, or a personal journal, these activities are great for making falling asleep feel like less of a chore.

Let the relaxing feels extend beyond the bedroom and try these tips from our latest post on how to create a peaceful home. Or, if you’re looking for a new space, reach out to the Lincoln team today. We would happy to find a new apartment for you.