How To Bring Eco-Friendly Living into Your Bathroom

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When leading a sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to consider how you can implement green living into all areas of your life and home. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, there are various things you can do to decrease your carbon footprint.

Today, we’re diving into ways to put your best green foot forward in the bathroom.

Find Sustainable Alternatives in the Shower

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If you were to look around the average shower, you would notice several plastic bottles taking up space. Disposable bottles result in excess waste and overflowing landfills. To decrease your output, consider purchasing your own stylish pump bottle and fill it with shampoo or conditioner from a bulk container. For a polished and sophisticated look, opt for this green marble bottle from CB2. When you need a refill, look to brands like Public Goods. Not only are their products made from sustainable materials, but they also work with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree for each new member.

Embrace Soap Bars

While using a pump bottle and buying in bulk is a great alternative, you can also reach for shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body wash bars. These types of products use less or no plastic and take up less space in the shower. This list from Byrdie offers a comprehensive roundup of the best bars on the market. To add to the aesthetic appeal, purchase a bamboo soap dish for a stylish addition to your shower.

Brush Your Teeth, Sustainably

Reimagine how you brush your teeth by adding a sustainable twist to your routine. Instead of reaching for a tube of toothpaste, try these toothpaste bits from Bite. Made with vegan ingredients and packaged in a glass bottle, this new method of brushing your teeth will keep your smile bright and the environment happy.

For even more ways to elevate your bathroom experience, try these tips to turn your bathroom into a spa experience. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment this winter, reach out to the Lincoln team today.