Celebrate Spring With Unique Apartment Gardens

watering herbs in a kitchen | unique apartment plants
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If you’re the proud owner of a medley of potted plants, now may be the time to switch things up with a unique garden in your apartment. From aquatic arrangements to kitchen herb collections, there are a variety of directions to take when flexing your green thumb.

Here are a few ideas to try as we welcome spring

Indoor Water Garden

plants in water | unique apartment gardens

Combining various elements, water gardens are soothing to look at and very easy to care for. All you will need is a clear glass container, rocks and pebbles, aquatic plant food, and a water-loving plant of your choosing. Some popular options include anarcharis, amazon sword, and java fern. You can also transfer one of your potted plants, such as pothos or spider plants, and transfer them to water. Simply clean any debris off the roots and plants, place them in a container, secure the base with pebbles, and carefully pour water from the side of the container. Feel free to add additional decorative elements like crystals or ornamental pebbles.

Living Plant Wall

plant wall | unique apartment plants

Forget painted statement walls; make an impact with a living plant wall instead. These verdant additions to the home will make you feel you’re living in a jungle. To make a living plant wall, you will need to screw battens into your surface. Then, attach plastic planters in neat rows into your battens. Make sure they are close together so the plants will cover up the plastic containers. Choose plants that grow down, such as pothos, wedding vine, and sword fern.

Kitchen Herb Garden

herbs in kitchen | unique apartment plants

Add fresh feels to your kitchen as well as bold flavors with an indoor herb garden. Not only will it enliven the area as you cook, but an indoor herb garden will enhance your meals and health. This counter-sized greenhouse from AeroGarden has LED grow lights and will remind you when the plants need water. Celebrate spring in style by preparing a meal with fresh herbs from your very own garden.

Keep the spring celebrations rolling with even more fun activities that celebrate the season. If one of those activities includes finding a new apartment, Lincoln is here to help. Contact us today to arrange a tour of a community near you.