Try These Home Office DIY Projects

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With more residents working from home than ever, the bar has been raised for office decor. For a unique aesthetic, nothing beats a space adorned with DIY designs. To elevate your space and fill your time with a rewarding activity, try one of these home office DIY projects.


drilling for a DIY project

Corkboards are perfect locations for reminders, daily inspiration, and to-do lists. They can also easily be made at home and boast extra flair with unique patterns and designs. This cork board created by Driven By Decor features a layer of fabric as well as a pocket for storing items. You can also place your cork in a frame for an elevated and formal feel.

Bullet Journal

making a bullet journal

Ditch your normal planner this year and opt for a customized bullet journal instead. A bullet journal format lets you design your planner on your own terms. By adding a glossary to the front and numbering pages, you can easily organize your sections but not feel limited with what you can add. Along with calendars and to-do lists, bullet journals can also be used to track wellness habits, journal your feelings, and create lists. Many bullet journal owners also add stickers, fun colors, and unique designs to reflect their personality.

Tiled Desk


If you’re feeling ambitious, this trending tile desk DIY project may be for you. You will need a simple desk, tiles of your choice, and grouting tools to tackle this fun project. Once you have your materials, you will add tile adhesive to the desk and carefully place the tiles on top. Then, you will scrape the grout into the cracks and wipe it off with a grouting sponge. With an eye for detail and a focus on measurements and precision, this project with leave you with a stunning and contemporary desk. Plus, you’ll be proud to exclaim you made it yourself when guests ask where you got it.

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