Crisp & Clean: 3 Tips for Decorating with White

white desk | tips for decorating with white
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White is the ultimate neutral. While typically serving as a backdrop, the color can also be the star of the show when it comes to design. Many designers look to white when wanting to incorporate a minimalist and calming aesthetic. Luckily, it’s easy to replicate these efforts with these helpful tips.

Mix Textures

white brick wall in a dining room | tips for decorating with white

When sticking to a white color scheme, it’s easy to add variety by incorporating different textures. This way, you can maintain that calming aesthetic without leaving the space too bland. For example, this off-white textured canvas art would look amazing on a plain white wall. If you’re decorating a bedroom, treat yourself to a white linen bedspread and then top it with a knit blanket and cotton throw pillows. White ceramic vases will look stylish on white furniture and will make colorful flowers pop. Or, you can stick to the theme and go for white roses, dahlias, or daffodils.

Use Different Tones

different tones of white | tips for decorating with white

It’s also important to remember that there are various tones of white. You can warm up the space with tones like cream or vanilla. If you’re looking for cooler tones, opt for those with a greyish hue. Mixing different shades of white not only changes the aesthetic temperature of a room but it adds variety and depth to the space. One way to master this technique is in the living room when placing a white sofa atop an off-white rug.

Incorporate Rounded Shapes

white couch | tips for decorating with white

Rounded edges are known for adding feelings of calm to a space. Therefore, they’re particularly appealing in shades of white. Plus, the color white is reminiscent of clouds, which is why round fluffy objects look so great in white shades. To capture this aesthetic, try these cloud cushions from Etsy for your sofa. In the bedroom, pair this curved nightstand with a fluffy cotton bedspread.

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