Decorating Your Apartment for Autumn

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Below is a special guest post from CORT, a company offering a variety of services from home and office furniture rental to relocation and destination services.

The beginning of fall symbolizes different things for different people. Some will see the changing leaves and realize football season, the holidays and pumpkin spice lattes are right around the corner. Others, however, will associate the cooler temperature with the need to redecorate their home for the new season. If you’re planning on adding new fall-themed décor to your apartment this year, check out these tips.

Decorate outdoors: When December comes around, homes across the country will be decked with an assortment of Christmas lights and other holiday decorations, but this doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the outside of your home before then. This fall, consider adding other festive décor to the outside of your apartment to welcome in your guests. For Halloween, carved pumpkins and fake spider webs can set the tone for trick-or-treaters that make their way to your apartment on the 31st. Following Halloween, you can add dried corn stalks, small pumpkins, decorative gourds and other seasonal plants to the steps leading up to your front door for Thanksgiving.

Decorate naturally: In addition to adding some natural elements to your outside décor, consider bringing some of it inside as well. There are several flowers that are in full-bloom during the fall, including chrysanthemum, sunflower and goldenrod. Consider making a floral arrangement and adding to your kitchen as your table’s centerpiece, or even in the entryway of your apartment to catch the eye of friends and family when they first come inside. Also, try adding natural incense to enhance the ambiance of your apartment.

Prepare for the holidays: Fall is a time in which friends and families come together and celebrate the holidays. One way to get started is to place a bowl of holiday treats on tables throughout the common areas of your apartment! Anything from Halloween candy to peppermints and ginger snaps can keep you in the holiday spirit throughout the season. If you live in a region that embraces snowy conditions during the fall, consider placing a rug at the front door to protect your floor for the snow and mud that will surely accompany the foot traffic. Also, hanging a wreath on the front door can be the perfect final touch to welcome visitors.

Mix up your fabrics: Adding new fabrics to your interior design that go along with the season is another great way to freshen up your apartment’s décor. Add some spice to your living space by switching out your pillows and throws with seasonal fabrics. You can also create a warm and cozy environment for the cool months ahead by using luxurious, rich fabrics such as velvet. For some additional flair, incorporate jewel tones in your living space for a fashionable twist on your fall style!

Whether it’s your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner or you’re simply having a few friends over to watch football on Sunday afternoons, there are plenty of ways for you to change up the look of your apartment this fall. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll create a festive environment in no time.