Dinner Party 101: How To Host The Ideal Meal

setting up a table for a dinner party
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2020 is the year we bring back the dinner party! Ditch those reservations, cancel your takeout order, and invite your closest friends over for an evening filled with homecooked food, endless laughter, and cozy ambiance.

Not sure where to start? We have you covered.


friends cooking together

When it comes to planning the menu, there are a few things to consider. First, be sure to take note of all of your guest’s dietary preferences. Consider any allergies or aversions to certain cuisines and provide alternatives. Secondly, we recommend starting out with a dish you’re comfortable making to avoid unnecessary stress. If you’re famous for your pasta or renowned for your tasty tacos, share these specialties with your closest friends. The last and most important rule is to accept help! Cooking with others is a rewarding and bonding experience. Welcome friends into the kitchen and whip up something special together.


pouring wine for friends

Libations are a crucial aspect of any dinner party. Alcoholic or not, it’s always nice for guests to have a drink in hand while waiting for dinner to start. For a truly refined experience, we recommend serving cocktails from a stylish bar cart. It’s also important to pair the drinks with the food. When serving tacos, whip up frozen margaritas or offer a crisp white wine with citrus notes. Is it steak night? Offer up martinis and red wine to go with your meal.


dinner party setting

If you live in a spacious Lincoln apartment, you’re in good shape to set the proper mood for a dinner party. In addition to stylish interiors, decorate the space with cozy vibes so guests can feel at home. Make sure there is ample seating, candles, and soothing music. We recommend picking up a floral centerpiece to incorporate a bit of nature into the scheme.

Are you on the hunt for a new apartment to entertain in? Contact us today and we would be happy to find a Lincoln community near you.