DIY Ideas For a 3-Day Weekend

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Typically reserved as an end of summer celebration, Labor Day weekend offers a chance to relax, giggle, and gather with your closest friends. If you can find time between pool parties and barbecues, it can also be a great time to tackle DIY projects.

Here are a few fun projects to dive into on this long weekend:

DIY Beeswax Paper

wax paper

In an effort to reduce waste, beeswax paper has become more common on store shelves, offering an alternative to plastic wrap and tinfoil. While many are familiar with this new eco-friendly product, there are few that know that you can easily make it yourself. All you need is fabric, beeswax, scissors, and a brush. Simply cut the fabric into your desired shape, spread beeswax flakes on top, and place in the oven. Afterward, spread out the wax with a brush and let dry.

Go Candle Crazy

making a candle

Get a head start on fall comforts by whipping up a batch of candles. Candle making is extremely easy—all you need are wicks with adhesives, containers, beeswax, and your favorite essential oils. Simply adhere the wicks to the bottom of the vessel, melt the wax, add your favorite essential oils, and pour. On the first crisp fall day, you’ll thank yourself for prepping all your hygge essentials ahead of time. Attending a party this weekend? Make some extras and treat your friends to a special end-of-summer gift.

Fall Fashion

knitting a scarf

Already excited for fall fashion? Take a break from perusing online shops and get crafty for the upcoming season. Stay warm in a DIY scarf that can also double as a conversation piece when friends ask where they got it. For the jewelry lovers out there, this DIY leaf project will usher in the season in style. Click here to uncover more fall fashion DIYs you can get a head start on.

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