Easy, Affordable Ways To Change The Mood of a Room

hanging art
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Change may be good, but it can also be challenging, especially when attempting to alter the mood of an apartment. It’s a huge undertaking to purchase new furniture, paint walls, and see HGTV-worthy results. Therefore, we often reserve our decorating dreams for a new space.

However, there’s no need to swap homes when you need a makeover. There is a multitude of ways to change your aesthetic that’s quick, easy, and affordable. To get started, we’ll be going room-by-room to identify simple ways to switch things up.


kitchen backsplash

When a kitchen renovation is out of the question, removable backsplashes offer an answer. These nifty adhesives can add a pop of color, a soft hue, and your desired aesthetic to your kitchen. After applying, complement this upgrade by purchasing complementary plants, knick-knacks, and cooking supplies. A produce bowl filled with yellow bananas will pop against a fresh cerulean blue backsplash.


When it comes to hanging wall art, the bathroom is one of the last places we consider. Add a little style to your powder room by incorporating your favorite art. To really set the mood, purchase a shower curtain that complements your piece.


Set the tone in your bedroom by covering your comforter with a stylish new duvet! A duvet offers a simple and easy way to switch up the design of your room. For something super personalized, create your own custom design on Bags of Love.

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