Unique Ways to Decorate With Books

books wrapped in twine
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It’s no secret that reading books will enhance your life — but did you know your favorite novels can elevate your apartment along with your mind?

Books can be repurposed into all types of decor, from wall art to the base for a flower arrangement. If you’re a book-lover looking for an apartment update, here are a few ways to add flair to your home with the help of your favorite page-turners.

Get Magical With Floating Shelves

holding books

Floating shelves will add a minimalist and supernatural feel to your home. Go against the laws of nature and place a book atop a floating shelf so that it appears to be defying gravity. You can leave your book as is or place your favorite knick-knack or piece of decor on top of it.

Color Code Your Books

green books

Color coding books have been trending for years now. There’s something extremely satisfying about lining up your collection by their hues. You can introduce the full rainbow into your home or you can stick to a specific color palette and put the rest of your books in storage.

Add Scale to Decor

stacked books with a teacup on top

Books can be a useful prop when adding scale to a decorative display. When grouping items together, it’s important to incorporate varying heights. Therefore, if your nightstand is looking drab, elevate a few items with books for an aesthetically-pleasing result.

Update Your Headboard

books as a headboard

If you’re an avid nighttime reader, a headboard that holds books is the perfect piece of furniture for you. Wayfair has a variety of headboards with shelving that can house your favorite novels and add literary flair to your bedroom.

Before you start decorating, it’s important to draw inspiration before you outline a plan. Click here to find our recent post on getting into the decorating mindset.

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