Feeling Sleepy? 3 Ways Your Apartment Decor Can Energize You

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When the coffee buzz begins to wane and your energy starts to plummet, there are many strategies to utilize to get through that afternoon slump.

Many of these tips start in the home, where decor can inspire healthy habits that boost your mood and increase productivity.

Make a Matcha Station

matcha set

While most of us are used to reaching for java in the morning, matcha is a delicious alternative that has added benefits. Matcha contains a compound called L-theanine that alters the effects of caffeine by enhancing alertness without the usual crash in energy. If you would like to incorporate this super drink into your routine, swap out a coffee bar for a stylish matcha bar. The utensils used to make matcha are often made from organic materials — adding a natural feel to your decor. Set up one of these tea sets from Amazon on a stylish tray. Then, place matcha in a glass container so its vibrant hue can sit on display.

Put Your Yoga Blocks on Display

yoga at home with a cat

When the midday slump hits, one of the best ways to get through it is with a quick exercise. Yoga strengthens muscles and enhances flexibility while also settling the mind. Set yourself up for success and arrange a yoga station in the corner of your apartment. Roll up mats in a stylish arrangement and place blocks and blankets in a wicker basket. Adorn the space with incense, candles, and any other types of ambiance that help you unwind. This presentation will motivate you to unroll those mats and perfect your downward dog for an afternoon boost.

Let in Natural Light

opening up curtains

Light plays a huge role in our circadian rhythm. When we are exposed to natural light, melatonin (the hormone responsible for helping us sleep) is suppressed. Therefore, light fuels our waking hours. When working from home, we become accustomed to staring at screens instead of basking in natural light. Be sure to draw your curtains back in the day and decorate your windows with plants. For an extra boost, invest in a lightbox during the winter months.

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