Smart Organization Tips to Incorporate Into Your Lincoln Apartment

organizing a room
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When it comes to organizing, our first thought is typically to make our apartment easy on the eyes. It is because of this, that we often don’t arrange things in a functional way for the sake of aesthetics. The resulting effect is throwing items around in a rush and moving them haphazardly. Due to this, we end up back at square one.

The next time you decide to assess your apartment layout, think functionally instead of aesthetically with these three methods.

Put Drawers Under The Sofa

a family hanging out in the living room

You may be familiar with under-bed drawers, but have you ever considered putting this nifty storage hack under your sofa? We’re used to collecting junk under our seating areas, but rarely consider organizing this space. This area is the perfect spot for board games, DVDs, and coffee table books you like to swap in and out. It may be difficult to find an actual drawer to fit under your sofa, so opt for a short and wide box with a handle.

Place Cords in a Closet Organizer

phone accessories

It’s common for cords and other tech accessories to be scattered about in an apartment. If you’re looking to break the habit of having miscellaneous wires and devices laying around, put a closet organizer with pockets on a door to a closet and put your tech accessories into the pockets. We recommend utilizing a utility room or a linen closet for this.

Organize Lids With Command Hooks in Cabinets

pots and pans

Have you ever started to prepare a delicious meal in a pot only to realize you have no idea where the lid is? Us too. Avoid the task of emptying out the entire cabinet while your soup boils and instead invest in some command hooks. Simply hang a few lids on the inside of your door and they will be ready as soon as your sauce begins to simmer.

Are you looking to move into a Lincoln apartment and try out some of these tips? Contact us today and we would be happy to arrange a tour.