Free & Fun Fitness Apps To Try At Home

at home workout
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Time spent at home doesn’t have to be sedentary. Now more than ever, there are a number of virtual workout programs that cater to a wide variety of fitness preferences.

Whether you’re looking to sweat, tone, or find a clear headspace, these apps will have you bettering yourself without leaving your front door.

Full Body Training Apps

If you’re seeking a full body approach to your workout, there are many online classes that aim to target every muscle. The Nike Training Club app is now free for all users, offering its premium workouts hosted by its elite Nike Master Trainers. Another option is FitOn, which streams classes from notable celebrity trainers and also provides helpful wellness tips on its blog. 24GO, courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness, lets you socialize while you sweat with interactive classes you can take with friends.

Toning & Dance Classes

dance workout at home

If you’re feeling a little stir crazy, one of the best forms of medicine is a lively dance class. There are a number of online programs that will get your endorphins pumping while you groove it out. 305 Fitness hosts virtual dance parties that offer lively cardio with a party vibe. Treat yourself to old school jams during Throwback Thursdays or enjoy classic hip hop and R&B on Soulful Saturdays.

Yoga & Meditation

After all that movement, it’s a good idea to wrap things up with a mindful flow and meditative breathing. Luckily, there are a handful of classes that are ready to guide you through your practice. Corepower Yoga invites you to keep your flow going with their on demand classes. Corepower is known for maintaining the magic of yoga while upping its intensity with strength training and a bit of cardio. Their classes leave you feeling both invigorated and grounded. To clear your mind and set your intentions, download Simply Habit, a meditation app that pinpoints problems you’re facing or goals you would like to achieve and designs programs that cater to those needs.

Get up and get moving from the comfort of your Lincoln apartment with these inspiring apps. Whether you need a Netflix and chill break or want to energize your work from home schedule, be sure to check them out. See below for more ways to stay fit without leaving home.

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