A Lincoln Guide To Working From Home (Part 2)

working from home
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Whether your job is remote or you’ve recently been asked to work from home, there are a number of ways to turn your apartment into a safe space for productivity.

Adding on to our recent guide, here are a few more ways to enhance your at-home work environment.

Create a Structured Schedule


While you may be accustomed to following a daily to-do list in the office, it’s important to follow an even more structured schedule when working from home. Block off chunks of time dedicated to certain tasks to remain focused and set on finishing them within a given timeframe. Additionally, be sure to schedule appropriate breaks that will keep you energized throughout the day. For example, once you finish that grueling task you were avoiding at 12 p.m., schedule an at-home yoga session to reward yourself. If you have a video call at the end of the day, book yourself in for an afternoon run so you can come in with a clear mindset and fresh ideas.

Be Efficient in the Day, Unplug at Night

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When you add a workspace to your living space, you may fall into the habit of checking emails before bed or turning on the television during the day. It’s important to separate work life from your leisure life and wear two different hats. For example, when on the job, make sure there are minimal distractions and focus on the task at hand. Save chores or anything on your personal to-do list for your lunch break. That said, when you’re done for the day, put your laptop away so you can relax in comfort and enjoy quality time with family or roommates.

Wear Sweatpants… and Real Pants

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The number one perk of working from home is the glorious ability to wear casual items instead of formal attire. We fully endorse taking advantage of this perk, but also believe balance is key here. Sometimes, getting ready for the day can set the tone for productivity. A couple of days a week, select an outfit that helps you feel put-together. Outfits can adjust your mood, and sweatpants five days a week may make you feel sluggish and uninspired. Therefore, swap in a nice blouse or a crisp shirt here and there to feel like your best self.

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