Why You Should Start Prepping for Spring in March

plants in the home
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As a transitional month, March makes it hard to nail down a seasonal mood and aesthetic. It’s the end of winter, so we’re feeling a little drab from nights spent in. It’s not yet spring, so we wait anxiously to whip out our florals while we stare longingly out the windows searching for sunshine.

If you’re feeling in limbo this time of year, we have a solution. Use this month as a chance to start preparing for warm weather so that when spring has sprung, you can hit the ground running.

Test Your Luck With a Plant

plants in a window

If you’re a new plant parent, now is the time to start testing out your green thumb. It typically takes a few tries to build a sustainable home garden, so use this as a period to learn and grow with your new seedlings. We recommend starting with a low-maintenance plant like pothos. If all goes well, you can invest in a variety of greenery the second the sun shines strong through your windows.

Start the Planning Phase of Designing Your Dream Patio

color swatches

If you’re lucky enough to own a patio, it’s important to take full advantage of it in the warmer months. Therefore, don’t spend sunny days seeking out furniture or hanging lights. Instead, start planning your decor now so you can host al fresco drinks with friends in April. There are a variety of apps you can utilize to plan out decor. Most of them allow you to take a picture of a room and then drop in virtual furniture and accents to see how it looks.

Spring Clean in March

a couple spring cleaning

While most people start their annual spring cleaning in April or May, we think March is the best time to deep clean the home. No one wants to spend a beautiful spring day sweeping, mopping, and dusting. Therefore, use this month to tidy up so you can reserve spring days for clipping flowers and tending to your indoor garden.

These transitional tasks will not only get you ready but excited for spring! If one of those tasks is finding a new apartment, contact us today and we would be happy to find a Lincoln community near you.