Fun Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Extra Cozy

a cozy home | ways to make your apartment cozy
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Turn the act of retreating indoors into an art form this winter season. There’s nothing quite like lighting candles, cuddling with blankets, and feeling cozy in a stylish setting. To set the tone, we’ve come up with a few fun ways to incorporate both comfort and style into your apartment this winter season.

Simplify the Space

It’s typical for people to add things to an apartment to make it feel cozier. However, simplifying a space by removing unnecessary items can go a long way when creating a peaceful setting. Use the Marie Kondo approach and assess whether certain things bring you joy. For items that you love but don’t fit in the space, come up with innovative storage solutions to hide them.

Use Natural Shapes

rounded couch | ways to make your apartment cozy

Did you know that rounded furniture is more calming than pieces with sharp edges? Therefore, invest in furniture or decor that features an organic and flowing shape. Think rounded coffee tables or plush sofas.

Choose a Statement Throw Blanket

knit blanket

One of the most important aspects of a cozy night is finding the perfect blanket. Instead of sourcing the cheapest deal online, find a blanket that is both comfortable and appeals to your taste. Check out this list of the best knitted blankets. Or, get crafty and try this DIY kit from Etsy that helps you create your own.

Cue Mood Lighting

When it comes to lighting in a cozy setting, a warm glow comes to mind. Cool and bright lighting alerts us and helps us be energetic for daytime tasks. However, warmer tones cue the body to get into a relaxed mindset and ready for rest. Check out the offerings on Etsy when seeking the perfect tone for your cozy nights in.

To make the night even more satisfying, indulge in a warm slice of pie! Here are a few unique recipes that we can’t wait to try. Or, if you’re searching for the perfect apartment this fall or winter, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Lincoln team.