Greening Your Exercise

Reading Time: 1 minute

Throw on eco-friendly threads – Organic cotton is breathable, absorbent and available in everything from sports bras to socks.

Eco Yoga – Green up your downward dog with a biodegradable yoga mat.

Make your own energy bars – Dump wasteful packaging and worrying about additives, and save a little money!  Fuel up with homemade recipes.  Buy in bulk or mix your own sports drinks too.  Visit to find a recipe.

BYO Bottle – More than 60 million disposable bottles end up in trash heaps every day.  Help cut down on that enormous pile of plastic by re-using.  Or even better, dump the bottle and find a stainless steel water bottle, one made with polycarbonate, or any plastic that is BPA free.

Reduce your carbon footprint by making a few of your own – Instead of driving to the gym, run or walk there for a great (cheap) warm-up.  If the gym’s too far, try biking or carpooling.  Keep your workout clothes in the car to cut down on extra stops and gas.

Take it to the streets – What’s more green than the great outdoors?  With hills and wind providing resistance running and walking on the road can burn more calories than a treadmill.  Other activities such as kayaking, hiking and rock climbing can help fend off workout boredom.

Disconnect – Go unplugged.  A balance ball, resistance band, and glider plates can give you an excellent all-around workout – and you can take them anywhere.  Plus, using your body instead of a machine for resistance is oh-so green.

Recycle: It’s good for your soles – As the miles add up, so does the war on your favorite cross-trainers.  There are many businesses (including Nike’s Rescue-A-Shoe) that repurposes worn-out athletic shoes of any brand into sports courts, tracks and flooring.