How to Embrace Community as a Multifamily Resident

a group of people smiling together
Reading Time: 2 minutes

While isolating can be tempting, especially in the winter, it’s important to remember that building connections will lead to greater life satisfaction. Luckily, residents of our Lincoln apartments have access to a built-in community. In addition, communal spaces and welcoming amenities make it even easier to connect with others

To sync up with fellow residents, try these activities to get the connection flowing.

Create a Club

two people looking at a book

A club offers an atmosphere where you can connect with people with similar interests. Additionally, meeting consistently provides ample time and repetition that helps form meaningful friendships. Popular clubs include book clubs, gardening clubs, and DIY craft clubs. Recreational groups, like a running club or a sports club, are also popular. With communities offering tennis courts and other recreational spaces, members already have what they need to get started.

Volunteer Together

three people volunteering at a food bank

The only thing better than volunteering alone is volunteering as a group! Therefore, connect members of your community and then lend a helping hand to serve an even broader community. Not only will you be helping the lives of others, but it’s a great way to connect with neighbors over shared values. Great group volunteer opportunities can often be found at food banks, environmental organizations looking for help with cleanup, and nonprofits that need assistance with fundraising.

Host Events

a group of friends laughing together

Community events serve as a great way to bring everyone in a community together. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor movie night, a potluck, or a summer pool party, connecting with others in a welcoming community space will be refreshing. A great time to host an event is when there is an increase in new residents in a community. If you’re noticing new leases being signed, consider hosting an event to informally welcome new residents.

Are you looking for even more ways to connect with others? Why not try these recipes that are fun to make as a group? Or, if you’re looking to find a new community to call home, reach out to the Lincoln team today.