How to Make Your Apartment Look More “Adult”

hanging up art | how to make an apartment look more adult
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Now that you have your very own grown-up apartment, it’s time to make it look the part! Whether you’re a recent college graduate or simply have yet to give up your poster collection, now may be the time to polish your interiors with mature accents.

Frame Artwork (or Posters)

framed art in an entryway | how to make an apartment look more adult

Adding adult elements to an apartment does not mean you have to sacrifice your personality. Keep all of your favorite pieces of art, including your posters. Ditch the scotch tape, and put your pieces in frames. To go the extra mile, create a gallery wall that reflects your personality.

Update Your Curtains

curtains | how to make an apartment look more adult

Oftentimes, curtains are the last item on a design agenda. However, they have a big impact on the aesthetic of a room and add a put-together feel. Ditch any mismatched curtains that do not complement the look of your apartment. For a minimalist feel, opt for curtains that match your wall color. Add contrast by choosing a textured fabric like linen. Finally, consider fun ways to tie back curtains to let in the light.

Buy New Kitchen Appliances

kitchen counter | how to make an apartment look more adult

Did you know that kitchen appliances can double as decor? Instead of cramming old items into your cabinets, invest in statement pieces you can proudly put on display. This Smeg Blender comes in a variety of colors and has a vintage feel. Coffee lovers will relish the look and capabilities of this barista-approved espresso machine from Ascaso Barcelona. For those who hate the clutter of pans, treat yourself to the Always Pan. It has the capabilities of a steamer, skillet, saucier, and more. Plus, it will add style to any stovetop.

Are you looking for more ways to add a grown-up feel to your apartment? Consider treating yourself to fresh florals! Click here to find ways to increase their shelf life.

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