Introducing #LPCTellYourStory

a group of people volunteering
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At Lincoln Property Company, philanthropy is at the forefront of our values. Contributing to the greater good not only warms hearts, but it inspires others to pay it forward, changing the world one smile at a time.

We want to celebrate giving back — where stories of love, goodwill, and determination lift others up. To kickstart that celebration, we’re inviting our residents to talk about a charity that is special to them in our #LPCTellYourStory campaign and contest. We want to share our resident’s stories of joy, stories that inspire, stories that provide hope, and stories that celebrate the goodness that lives in us all…and do a little giving back at the same time. 

If you have a story to tell, whether the charity has helped you or you have helped the charity, simply record a one to two-minute video detailing why they should receive a donation. Be sure to explain how it has impacted your life for the opportunity to win a prize for yourself, a donation for your charity, and a matching donation to LPC’s internal charity supporting employees in times of need, Lincoln Charities.

Stories of Joy

Joy pushes us through everything that we do. All of our ambitions, daily tasks, and relationships are fostered in the pursuit of finding happiness. As we work hard to find our bliss, we sometimes forget to take a step back and revel in the joy that sits in front of us. When sharing your stories, we’d love to hear about the simple joys you have experienced with this organization, or perhaps, the joy that it has spread to others.

Stories that Inspire

Where would we be without inspiration? Inspiration guides us through our day-to-day, affecting decisions big and small. One of the best forms of inspiration is the kind that inspires us to contribute to the greater good. If your charity of choice has inspired you, we would love to know why.

Stories of Hope

In trying times, it’s those stories of hope that pull us through. Those glimmers that shine through success stories provide the encouragement we need to get over life’s hurdles. If your charity of choice has made you or others hopeful, we would love to hear all about it.

Stories of Goodness

Goodness is at the core of all philanthropic efforts. Celebrating the goodness of something is to reflect on its impact and success. We would love to hear about all of the good your charity of choice has accomplished.

If you’re an LPC resident and are interested in sharing your story, be sure to upload your video by Friday, August 1st. Winners will be announced on August 31st. Happy storytelling!