3 Household Rules That Never Go Out of Style

a couple making the bed
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As children, we rushed to get home before dark, groaned when asked to finish our veggies, and begrudgingly made our beds at the requests of our parents. Household rules were once dreaded stipulations that lead to eye rolls, stomping feet, and the ever-popular do I have to?! response.

Nowadays, things are a little different. We look forward to our locally-sourced vegetables, indulge in early bedtimes, and love peeling back tucked sheets. Those household rules that we couldn’t wait to escape from have followed us into adulthood.

If you love a sense of calm and order in your Lincoln apartment, here are some old school household rules to bring back.

Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

shoes left at the door

After a long day, we often beeline to the couch, tracking in mud and debris on your shoes you forgot to take off at the door. Not only will removing your kicks make your home cleaner, but the habit allows you to mentally reset in your space. Our shoes carry us through meetings, errands, and other responsibilities of the day. When you leave your shoes at the door, you also leave behind the day’s stressors.

Make Your Bed

a woman making her bed

Bed making is often considered a trivial chore. Why tuck in those sheets when you’re going to peel them back in 12 hours? Why clean a part of the home that only you see?

The act itself sets good intentions for the day. If you’ve already accomplished one task before 8 a.m., you’ll feel inspired to stay productive. Also, you can look forward to puffed up pillows and smooth linens when winding down.

Be Home in Time For Dinner

a family cooking dinner

Nowadays, consistent dinners with family and loved ones are reserved for sitcoms. Whether you’re living with a roommate, a partner, friends, or children, make a habit of sitting down together a few times a week to catch up. Not only is this a bonding experience, but it will also help you reflect on your day as well as enjoy some delicious food. Be sure to put phones away, turn off the television, and don’t forget to thank the chef!

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