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Chris Richko featured employee
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Chris Richko works as the Chief Concierge at K2 Apartments in Chicago in the Midwest region. Though Chris has only been an LPC employee for about four years, he has been an associate at K2 Apartments for a total of six years.

In November of 2019, Chris and his family moved into a new home, along with his adult daughter and her two children. Just seven months later, the city of Chicago was hit with a powerful storm producing torrential rains. As a result of the heavy rain, raw sewage began to back up into the basement portion of the home where his daughter and grandchildren were living. The water and sewage rushed in through the basement toilet, shower, and main drain in the floor. Water and sewage reached 12 inches deep from wall to wall. The majority of everything in the basement was a total loss. Insurance was unable to assist with this situation, so Chris’s family was left to make all the repairs out of pocket on their own. After beginning the repairs, mold growth was also found, which further compounded the issue.

Lincoln Charities was able to assist with making the needed repairs and restoring Chris’s home for his family. We are so glad to help a valuable team member like Chris, and we could not do this without your support. Thank you, and we wish Chris and his family all the best.

Lincoln Charities’ mission is to uplift and serve Lincoln families in times of need. Through the goodwill of our employees, vendors, and business partners, we are able to provide assistance in the face of adversity to those who make Lincoln so special. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our page, or contact us today to see how you can get involved.