Stories for Good: A Guide for Giving Back

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Charity touches all of us. We all benefit from happier societies and the spreading of goodwill reaches every heart and mind. Whether you’ve directly benefited, been inspired by causes, or live in a community that has been lifted up by others, philanthropy has pushed you forward.

Are you looking to do some good for communities big and small? Here are some tips for getting involved:

Focus on Issues You Care About

There are a vast variety of issues to stand up for. Feeling connected to a charity pushes you to continue donating your time, money, and energy. Whether it’s an issue that has affected your life or a cause you’ve always been invested in, passion is a great motivator for change. Plus, if you have an interest in the subject, there’s a good chance you are informed and know where to allocate your resources.

Get on the Ground

While donations can go a long way, there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself into charity physically. An eye witness vantage point provides perspective on all the good that can be done and inspires further involvement. Many volunteer opportunities benefit the local area, enhancing neighborly relations and emboldening a sense of community. If you think on a more global level, you don’t have to jump on a plane to assist affected areas. Find a cause you care about and host an event to raise money to be utilized for relief or recovery efforts. Not only will you be helping those far away, but you will also be educating your community on an issue that may be out of their scope.

Find or Establish a Community

Finding others who care about the same issues as you can enhance your efforts. Not only do you gain resources, but there’s a sense of bonding that enhances the experience and prolongs your involvement with it. If you don’t see a club or group that aligns with your charitable objectives, create one! With the advent of the internet, it’s super easy to connect with others based on your passions and belief systems. Sites like Meetup, GroupSpaces, and even Facebook can spread your message and attract like-minded individuals.

At LPC, we’ve recently kicked off our #LPCTellYourStory campaign and contest. We’d like to hear about a charity that is special to you as well as all of the good that it’s done. Click here to learn more.