Live Simply: 3 Minimalist Approaches to Being Organized

living simply with Lincoln
Reading Time: 3 minutes

In continuation of our annual campaign, #LPCLiveInspired, we’d like to introduce our second theme of the year, Live Simply.

As we expand on ideas for growth, fulfillment, and happiness, we’re redirecting our attention to celebrating the art of organization, where minimalist practices can make room for what truly matters. In the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing ways to declutter, prioritize, minimize, and refocus our attention spans in various aspects of life.

To get you warmed up, here are several basic rules to follow in order to live simply and happily:

Give Every Item You Own a Home

pulling out a drawer in an apartment

Every item in your home should have a designated spot. When miscellaneous objects live nomadic lives, they simply relocate a mess from one corner of your apartment to another. For all the necessary possessions in your life, create designated storage areas where they will reside (bonus points if you use labels.) As you categorize and sort your items, be mindful of what you actually use, and dispose of/recycle/give away anything that can no longer be utilized. Also, beware of the junk drawer! If you find yourself with a miscellaneous storage area, think critically and consider if these items are useful or random for a reason. We understand life can be crazy, and not everything can fit into a category, but do your best to keep your disparate possessions in a designated junk drawer rather than a junk closet.

Create a System for Discarding Items

recycling in an apartment

Throwing items away can be difficult and become all the more daunting when we’re stumped on what to do with them. To simplify the process, create three categories in your head: objects to trash, recycle, or give away. Did you know that cell phones, crayons, and even keys are recyclable? If you’re avoiding tossing your old Blackberry because you can’t fathom its fate in a landfill, fear not! The materials can be repurposed and created into something special. For items that aren’t recyclable but are in good condition consider gifting them to a friend or dropping them off at your local Goodwill. Unfortunately, not everything can be reused or recycled so any items that don’t fit in these two preferred categories can be tossed in the trash.

Become a Person who Makes Lists

making a list

Whether you love or loathe lists, becoming acquainted with them will make you more productive and organized. We spend too much of our time wondering what’s next on our agenda for becoming happy, satisfied, and successful. In our homes, we often buy items we think we need, only to realize there are already two jars of mustard in the fridge. Lists simplify what we need and what we need to do in an organized and cohesive format. Whether it’s a shopping, daily to-do, bucket, or must-try restaurant list, these handy records of our ambitions can keep you in check and inspired. If you’re looking to master the art of list-making, click here to learn how to bullet journal.

Are you interested in living simply with Lincoln? Contact us today to learn all about #LPCLiveInspired, or schedule a tour of a community near you where you can put these tips to use.