Live Simply & Minimize These 3 Forgotten Areas

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In our efforts to lead minimalist lives, we often find ourselves organizing our kitchen fridges, pantries, and closets to sift through food, accessories, and clothes to make room for the new possessions. While these items are considered the most disposable, there are a variety of other places in the home that deserve attention when scaling back. From kitchen drawers to our forgotten medicine cabinets, these inconspicuous nooks and crannies can be transformed with a little attention.

Here are a few that come to mind.

Kitchen Drawers

an organized kitchen drawer

Many apartment renters get caught up in the allure of unique kitchen products like mango peelers, garlic choppers, and even authentic Twinkie makers (yes, it’s a thing). Soon after, we quickly realize how unnecessary these items are, and how they just take up space in our already-crowded drawers and cabinets. In your spring cleaning regimen, take the time to sort through your appliances and tools and decide what you actually use and what should go. While you’re at it, assess the quality of items like can openers, peelers, knives, etc. If they’re at the end of the lifecycle, bid them farewell and invest in new, quality purchases.

Grooming & Health Products

cosmetics in a Lincoln apartment

Did you know that makeup expires? Following an expiration date, certain products can harbor bacteria and disrupt your skin health. Sort through your makeup bag and weed out the items that are past their shelf life. Then, redirect your attention to your hair and skin products. If you’re still the proud owner of hairspray from 2012, do you and your locks a favor and toss it in the trash. If you’ve invested in a certain product, but found that it was not compatible with your skin or hair type, gift it to a friend! If this space in your home is also reserved for medications, supplements, and vitamins, spend some time looking at these expiration dates as well.

Coat Closet

coats in a Lincoln closet

Organizing your personal wardrobe is most likely already on your to-do list, but have you considered sifting through your coat closet? This area could possibly be filled with outdated fashions, unseasonal items, and a bevy of jackets that guests have left behind. Take a look inside and assess what should stay or go. Create piles for items to be donated, put into storage, kept, or given back to their original owner. Also, peer at the ground and you may find a collection of old shoes, scarves, gloves, etc.

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