Live Smart & Entertain On A Budget

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When you live in a Lincoln apartment, you’re going to want to show it off. Long countertops, expansive spaces, and sunlit rooms make for the perfect backdrop for a group hangout.

The only downside to being the hostess with the mostest is footing the bill for your hungry guests. Drinks, appetizers, dinner, and games add up, leaving your friends well fed and your wallet empty.

Luckily, there are plenty of steps you can take to make sure your party is well-stocked, fun, and easy on your wallet.

Here’s how to Live Smart when entertaining:

Host a Potluck Party

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A potluck party is a fun and inclusive way to cut back on costs. There’s no harm in asking your guests for help, and many will look forward to contributing their own special plates to the spread. Add a twist to the theme, and request each friend brings a dish that celebrates their heritage, or perhaps a childhood favorite for a fun, throwback night. If you or one of your attendees are new to the area, ask that each person bring something special from a local bakery, cheese shop, butchery, or farmers market so everyone can have a taste of local flavor. If the evening entails more imbibing than eating, request that each guest brings a few bottles of their favorite craft beer for a group tasting.

Buy In Bulk


If you’d prefer to treat your group to an all-inclusive evening, then opt for offerings you can purchase and make in bulk. Invite your friends over to sample a new local brewery and stock up on growlers for everyone to share. If you’re hosting a dinner party, make it a chili night and throw flavorful ingredients into a crockpot and then serve with margaritas, chips, and guac!

Go For a High-Low Combo

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If you’d like to treat your friends to something special, but also don’t want to spend a fortune, mix up your evening with a blend of artisanal and affordable items. Host a wine night with decent bottles, and pair them with a pie from your favorite pizzeria. Looking to indulge in fancy bites? Stock up on local cheeses and pair them with an inexpensive beer. Find a balance so you can enjoy the finer things without the guilt.

For those who love to entertain, Lincoln has you covered with inviting apartment and community amenities. Enjoy an evening on your own personal patio with friends, or hang by the fire pit with neighbors. Regardless of the occasion, you bring the party favors and we’ll bring the backdrop.

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