Long Distance Activities To Enjoy at Home

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We may be social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our favorite activities with our favorite people. Now is the time to think out-of-the-box when it comes to communicating with our friends and family. Therefore, we’ve rounded up a few creative activities to enjoy together while miles apart.

Host a Cake Baking Contest

baking a cake

Baking can be rewarding, satisfying, and also hilarious when the results aren’t what you expected. Host a contest with friends by selecting an intricate cake recipe. Invite everyone to try to attempt to imitate the design and then upload photos for them to be judged. You’ll be surprised by who is a secret savant in the art of baking and who should stay away from the oven. To raise the stakes, have each individual contribute $20 to a pool. Whoever wins, gets to select a nonprofit, local business in need, or any other organization to donate the sum to.

Don’t Cancel Movie Night

You may not be in the same room, but you can still host movie nights with friends courtesy of Netflix Party. With a simple extension, you can Netflix and chill with friends or a group from a laptop. The feature also offers a chatbox, so you can provide written reactions as well. Don’t forget to have popcorn and witty commentary prepped and ready to go.

Enjoy Wine & Cheese

When you’re ready to wine down, host a virtual mixer and invite everyone to enjoy snacks and their favorite vino. With an added festive element, moods will be lifted and laughs will be had. For those who are separated from a partner, turn this into date night and catch up over cocktails on Skype or FaceTime.

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