#LPCConnects Presents Chia-Ming from Coastal Homestead

Chia-Ming from Coastal Homestead
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whether you have a seasoned green thumb or are looking to get into the world of gardening, we have exciting news for you! Lincoln Property Company has recently partnered with Chia-Ming from Coastal Homestead, an expert in intuitive and sustainable gardening. We chatted with her to learn how to embrace the art of small space gardening and growing your own food in your LPC home. See below for a few tips that we’re especially excited to try.

Control Your PH Levels

Different plants desire different pH levels. Therefore, it’s important to keep this in mind when grouping plants together. Container gardening offers the perfect solution so you can organize plants to be in their ideal soil. For example, blueberries love to be in acidic soil so it’s important to separate them from other plants.

Jazz Up Your Ice Cubes

Chia-Ming walked us through how to grow your own edible flowers and delicious ways to make the most of them. After growing her own blooms, she took them from the pot and to the bar and whipped up tasty and aesthetically-pleasing cocktails. To start, she picked the flowers and put them into an ice mold. Then, she used the ice cubes to garnish a bourbon on the rocks as well as a soju sparkling lemonade. Finally, she reserved a few flowers and sprinkled them onto a charcuterie board. The result was a stylish display that will level up any dinner party.

Consider a Hydroponic System

Hydroponic gardening is an innovative way to grow bountiful plants using a circulating water system. Not only are they sustainable and effective at keeping your plants alive, but many are vertical which means they’re great for small spaces. Additionally, they can come with grow lights which are perfect for residents who don’t have an outdoor space or live in colder climates. Chia-Ming recommended the hydroponic offerings from Lettuce Grow.

We want to once again thank Chia-Ming for teaching us how to lead our best sustainable lives. To learn more about Coastal Homestead and sustainable apartment gardening, check out her website today.