Making the Most of the Windows in Your Apartment

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Everyone has a different process when it comes to decorating an apartment. Many choose to tackle the project room-by-room, thinking through the ideal furniture, accessories, and overall design themes to implement throughout the unit. However, through this process, there are usually a few aspects that don’t get the attention they deserve, including windows. Here are a few considerations for updating the windows in your unit leading into the fall season.  

Hang a Wreath

a wreath on a door

Start simple by hanging a wreath on your window to add a touch of whimsy to your living space. You can go with a classic green wreath with lights or opt for a more seasonal look for fall by incorporating patterns of autumn leaves, berries and other natural elements to the design. A quick online search can also provide inspiration for fun patterns and combinations to create.

Decorate with Garland


Garland is a popular window treatment with endless opportunities to get creative. To align with the seasonal theme, take a walk outside and collect pine cones, twigs, berries or other dried items worth assembling to your garland. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach the items and hang your creation along the window frame.

Update Your Treatments

window treatment

Not all decorative elements need to be new to your space. If you have window treatments that are outdated and no longer fit your design style, consider making a few changes to enhance the window space by adding inexpensive panels or cornices to dress up your windows and apartment. Consider hanging the window treatments above the frame to make your ceiling appear taller than it actually is. You can also extend your curtain rods approximately 16 inches past the frame to make the window appear larger.

Don’t Forget the Window Sill

window sill

The window sill should be more than just a space that collects dust over time. If you have enough space, consider adding a few succulents or some seasonal greenery. Just be careful not to go overboard. If the space is too busy, it can distract and take away from the other design elements you’ve implemented in the window space.

The windows shouldn’t be the focal point of your apartment, but they do complete the look of the space and therefore deserve attention. This fall, take the time to review your existing window setup and look for opportunities to bring them to life!

Guest post courtesy of Cort Furniture Rental

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